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Success through failure

This is about bringing home thoughts
ideas and opinions to one mindset;
we are born for a special purpose
and not always a failure is one!
It maybe a gentle hand guiding us
through a door which is meant for us.

It is also one meant for our good
because a gift received
is one to give and share.
It is one which is reserved to use
just at the right time only,
trials develop strength.
GOD makes all good things possible!

A (NO) means sometimes
wait just a little more
and you will learn much
and see much better
than you expect.

God is all merciful, gentle, loving
and we need only say :
Thank you God - ALHAMDULILLAH !!

::: Example of my words here below :::

A building worth constructing
takes the time to use
all needed equipement
to make sure it is one
which will stand the test of time,
be strong against storms
and provide warmth and comfort
to those who dwell within it.

It is also for others entering it
to admire it`s beauty and comforts
It was one which took (time)
and much effort to be so well done!

A final end result which
brings forth much fruit
to enjoy for a lifetime.
When patience is applied,
at the right place
and the right time;
it will reach a final test
that gives you a rest
for your mind.

We may try to enter one door,
but the Spirit of GOD
might not allow us to.

I dreamed of being in the Medical Field.
I wanted to help people heal
of deep emotional scars...

* * *

Although I did well in my studies,
I didn't have the right average
needed to get into medical school.
I faced many more schools
which brought constant stress.

* * *

It was there I knew God
had closed one or more doors
to reveal to me the final door
to take and enter into rest.

* * *

Years later God brought me
into another occupation.
I earned several credentials
and a special degree to write.
Then one day at an unexpected moment
a pamphlet came across my desk.

* * *

Finally, God was opening a door
for me to become a
(doctor - teacher of sorts)!
in my field of expertise
to share knowledge
of the unknown and tools needed to help
all see a positive & happier way of living.
and one built on Godly principles.

I have now completed all my programs
and have been using it
to write religious curriculum
and informative materials.

God's call, years earlier,
was not to what I had thought to do,
Instead His gentle guidance was to show
others of living better spiritually.

* * *

I thank God daily for allowing
my apparent failure
so I could find
and succeed at His
intentions for my life!

* * *

What closed door or apparent failure
has allowed you to find and succeed
at God's call for your life?
The significance of a man
is not in what he attains
but in what he longs to attain.
-Kahil Gibran

* * *

Every ceiling, when reached,
becomes a floor,
upon which one walks
as a matter of course
and prescriptive right.
-Aldous Huxley

Failure is not so much an event.
Failure is a judgment about an event.
An awful lot of life comes down
to how we think and failure primarily
is a way that we think about something.

* * *

Jonas Salk created the vaccine for polio.
Tried 200 times.
Didn't get it right.
Somebody asked Salk one time,
how did it feel to fail 200 times?
Salk's response, very interesting,
he said (paraphrased),
"I didn't fail 200 times.
I just discovered 200 ways
how not to create a vaccine for polio."

* * *

Winston Churchill,
who led Great Britain
for a while virtually unaided
during World War II,
had to repeat a grade
in a version of elementary school.
Somebody asked Winston Churchill
it felt to fail a grade
when he was a kid and Churchill said,
"I have never failed in my life."
He was given a second opportunity
to get it right.

* * *

How big is God?
He is bigger than your biggest problem,
He is bigger than your biggest regret,
He is stronger than your biggest weakness.
He is more gracious than your darkest sin.
He is bigger than you can imagine.
He loves you more than you can know.
And He is still looking for somebody
who will get out of their comfort zone.
He asks for faith, a belief in Him,
that He is able to care for you,
and direct you to the right place
in His (right) time.

* * *

We have to get out of our habits,
safety zones to know
and experience true love and peace,
and assurance from above.

* * *

God has not changed,
nor does He leave us,
often it is us saying
one thing but putting off
till we feel He is far from us..
He did not move - we did!

~Thank you for stopping by - please come again~


"~I`ll Be Here For You~"


Lyrics | The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season) lyrics


This is my hand in front of a building
taken at an angle you would think
I am pulling it up !!

It is to prove illusions are often what we see,
but please do not rely on sight but insight on God`s Mercies!

Web site created by Marilyn Aug-09




When you feel the sunlight
Fade into the cold night
Dont know where to turn
I dont know where to turn

And all the dreams youre dreaming
Seem to lose their meaning
Let me in your world
Baby, let me in your world
All you need is someone you can hold
Dont be sad, youre not alone
I will be here for you
Somewhere in the night
Somewhere in the night
Ill shine a light for you
Somewhere in the night
Ill be standing by
I will be here for you

In this world of strangers
Of cold unfriendly faces
Someone you can trust
Oh there`s someone you can trust
I will be your shelter
I`ll give you my shoulder
Just reach out for my love
Reach out for my love
Call my name and my heart will hear
I will be there,
theres nothing to fear


© 2009 Marilyn`s Creations